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Review of the CIA-NYPD Relationship, prepared for the Director of the CIA

Memorandum for the Director of the CIA regarding the relationship of the NYPD and the CIA, focusing on the expansion of the NYPD’s activity in intelligence gathering and operations since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Location: 2 Lafayette, New York, NY (NYPD offices)

NYPD Intelligence Division Overview Presentation

NYPD Powerpoint presentation outlining the four Analytical Units of the Intelligence Division—The Central Analysis Research Unit, The Demographics Unit, The Cyber Intelligence Unit, and The Gang Assessment Unit—and their key tasks, including analyzing terrorism leads, mapping “ethnic hotspots,” monitoring web activity, and more. Location: 75 9th Avenue, New York, NY (NYPD Intel HQ)

NYPD Intelligence Organization Guide

NYPD internal document outlining the various departments and roles within the Intelligence Division, including the Demographics Unit, charged with “develop[ing] a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the demographic trends throughout New York City,” and the Priority Targeting Unit, whose role is to “analyze and link investigations that span precinct, borough, city, state, and in certain instances, international boundaries.” Location: 1 Police Plaza, New York NY (NYPD HQ)

Deputy Commissioner’s Briefings

Sample notes from the Deputy Commissioner’s Briefings, including reports from a number of undercover and plainclothes officers in the Demographics Unit. Officers discuss attending parties with surveillance targets, exchanging emails with targets, and plans to run surveillance activities at one target’s wedding ceremony. Location: 1013 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Islamic Center)

Preliminary Inquiry Request Memo – National Socialist Movement (Neo-Nazis)

Official request to the Commanding Officer of the Intelligence Division to extend inquiry into a group suspected of being Neo-Nazis based upon their online activities. Location: 2133 Ryder Street, Brooklyn NY (private residence)

Preliminary Inquiry Request Memo – Dennis Burke

Surveillance Requests – Dennis Burke and associates

Official request to the Commanding Officer of the Intelligence Division to begin inquiry into Dennis Burke and associates, suspected to be connected to a bombing at a Times Square Armed Forces recruiting center based on their online activity. Request to begin surveillance on Dennis Burke at the Danish Consulate, where he may be attending a protest. Location: 200 W. 43rd Street, New York, NY (US Army Recruiting Station Center)

Surveillance Request – “Anonymous”

Request to begin surveillance on a group called “Anonymous” at the Church of Scientology, where they may be staging a protest. Location: 227 W. 46th Street, New York, NY (Church of Scientology)

Surveillance Request – Mohammed Elshinawy

Request to begin daily surveillance on Mohammed Elshinawy at his work and a number of mosques and youth centers where he lectures, based on intelligence from an unvercover officer about Elshinawy’s “hardcore” religious beliefs and close contact with “so many young and impressionable individuals.” Location: 675 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (Al Noor School)

Surveillance Request and Reports – Mufti Qumar

Request to begin surveillance on Mufti Qamar at his work and home, based on intelligence from someone outside the NYPD about Qumar’s religious beliefs and issuance of a fatwah against members of another sect of Islam. Surveillance reports on Qumar include phone record analysis, photographs or his work and home, and E-Z pass information analysis. Location: 24-04 89th Street, Queens, NY (private residence)

NYPD Counterterrorism Intelligence Package

Confidential NYPD document listing names and addresses of Muslims suspected of “radical leadership,” names and addresses of “mosques of interest,” and questions for undercover officers to ask at mosques of interest. Location: 1621 65th Street, Brooklyn, NY

NYPD Demographics Unit Reports on Internet Cafes, Sports Venues, and Travel Agencies

Extensive reports from the Demographics Unit containing maps, photographs, and notes on Muslim-owned businesses and sports venues throughout the five boroughs, with information on location of nearest mosques, presence of radical literature, and ethnicities of customers/participants. Location: 11 West 29 Street, New York, NY

NYPD Pole Camera Reports

Lists of locations of NYPD telephone pole surveillance cameras, with targets including mosques across the city, private residences, and hip-hop radio stations. Location: 552 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY

Surveillance Extension Request – Adem Huseinovic

Request to extend daily surveillance on Adem Huseinovic as well as members of his family and other individuals associated with the Tawheed Islamic Center, based on Huseinovic’s activity in radical Islamic online forums and chat rooms. Location: 2020 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn, New York

Preliminary Inquiry Request – Mufti Muhammad Naeem

Request to begin an inquiry into Mufti Muhammad Naeem, based upon his frequent travels to Pakistan and studies at a madrasa there suspected of training terrorists. Location: 655 W 34th Street, New York, NY

Discontinuance of Preliminary Inquiry – Masjid Ahlul Qu’ran Wa Sunnah

Memo to end inquiry into a mosque in Queens. Location: 109-06 Van Wyck Expressway, Queens NY

Surveillance Request – Shabbir Hussain Sahibzada

Request to begin surveillance on Shabbir Hussain Sahibzada, based on suspicions of anti-Shia rhetoric and intelligence that he would be speaking at a conference commemorating the death of the nephew of the Prophet Mohammad. Location: 1001 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn NY

Terrorism Inquiry Extension Request – Tablighi Jamaat

Request to conduct terrorism inquiry into Tablighi Jamaat, an international Islamist proselytizing movement with North American headquarters in Corona, Queens, many of whose members are U.S. citizens. Location: 42-12 National Street, Corona, Queens

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