10 signs of suicide bombers

Suicide bombers are responsible for some of the most horrific attacks on civilians in recent history. Their motives vary, but they all share one common goal: to inflict as much damage and take as many lives as possible. Here are 10 signs that someone may be planning a suicide attack (or is at risk of committing such an act).

1) They have a strong desire to die or martyr themselves;

2) They believe their death will bring honor to them and their family;

3) They want revenge against those who wronged them;

4) They feel hopeless about the future;

5) Their occupation involves violence (military service, criminal activity);

6) Their social ties with family members or friends have been severed;

7) They start to dress differently and wear heavy clothing covering the entire body including the face with only one eye showing at all times.

8) They stop caring about their hygiene

9) Their eyes become sunken in

10) It seems like they are always talking about death