About Us

Founder: Marin J. Fields

Marin J. Fields is the founder of enemieswithinbook.com. A blog that educates informs, and equips the public on matters of terrorism.

She is a widow due to terrorism activities, and she speaks from a painful experience not only as a widow but also as military personnel who has hands-on experience on the battlefield.

The Degree Holder in Criminal Studies has escaped death by a whisker. Her move to start the blog is the viral posts people randomly make bashing the authorities for not handling the terrorism menace well.

She now wants to give the public an insider perspective on what the government is doing, what they ought to do to put the menace to a halt once and for all.

Mission: To be the informer on the secrets, you need to know about terrorism to prevent blame games and controversial discussion around this act.

Vision: To be a leading site that provides factual and reliable information on terrorism for people to be educated and informed about these violent acts.