The Power of Surveillance Technology in Criminal Justice

Are you passionate about books about criminal justice? What makes you glued to such a book for long hours? If you are looking for a thrilling novel with a touch of real-life experience in the crime, then Enemies Within should be your next book in the queue.

The book gives a clear account of how The New York Police Department is renowned for thorough criminal investigations. It explains why we have minimal terror attacks in this part of the continent. What is their secret?

It is a department with a hefty budget in surveillance technology. It is not an investment in futility. It has come in handy to makes the street safe and secure for both citizens and foreigners.

The system experiences a lot of controversies, especially form the human rights activists. They feel that people’s rights are not protected. On the contrary, they argue out and say, it is better to infringe on one’s rights, but you walk freely in the New York Streets irrespective of the time of day or night.

How does it work?

  1. Face recognition

You cannot commit a crime and think you can go away with it, not in New York City. As depicted in the book Enemies within; the police department in this state has sophisticated equipment that can run facial recognition to identify a criminal.

 The cameras installed all over on the streets only capture the event. It is this system that now identifies the criminal from the crowd.

Even when you commit a crime during school break while playing ping pong; the digital solution zooms your picture only to have the face, then it scans it to get the similarity in the video recorded. There is no way you will escape the trap.

  • Video analysis system

You should ask yourself. The police will get a criminal even from his hideout, the question is, do they know everyone in the City? The answer is no.

They use digital tools to make work easy for them. Once they have the video, it captures a whole crowd. The system has a special algorithm to identify specific features ideal for the search, once you are particular on an individual who committed the crime.

  • The social media monitoring system

We are in the era of social media. Everyone strives to have a presence in the social market. What is an excellent way to monitor and build a case against someone?

The Department is so powerful that it can obtain court orders to track all your communication and social media activity. By the time you face the law, they use technology to gather evidence enough to build a case against you.

  • Gun detection system

The moment you have an unlicensed gun in New York Streets, know that someone has detected it and you are under monitoring. This is only possible using the surveillance technology system with the inbuilt gun detector.

A unique feature of this system is the gun sound detection system. Once they get the audio file, then it is sent to the relevant offices. If at all they confirm it is a gun sound, then the police are alerted to get prepared.

In case you cause havoc then within minutes you are in the hands of the law pleading your case.

  • Inbuilt body camera

Just like in lost movies, body cameras have helped reveal top secrets even among the senior leadership. Apart from the audio format, they can also record a video. With the face recognition tool; you are just under the mercy of the security personnel.

The police are responsible for the security of the people. Some of the technologies they use remain as their top secret. Software developers are a vital component in surveillance technology to streamline the justice system, which is bound to be abused. The learned people have a way of circumnavigating around the law when they find a gap. You cannot defeat technology.